Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Challenging Award

I have been given another award from the lovely Norwegian blogger Størstepia. It is so nice to know that somebody reads my 'mutterings' and wants to send me an AWARD!
Thank you!!

As these awards go, there are some obligations:
1. Link to the person who gave you the award (done!)
2 Answer 10 questions (see below)
3. Pass it on to 10 other bloggers - well, I think this award has been sent around to a lot of people, but I am happy to pass it on to all those on my blogroll!
They are truly all inspiring each in their own way.

1. Why did you start blogging?
Think I have answered this before, but it is simply my modern take on a (public) diary about me, my interests/life/family. No big philosophy behind it, just trying out a new media and taking up another hobby.

2. Which blogs do you follow?
It is a very eclectic mix, really. More or less as varied as my interests and hobbies. So, anything from craft blogs, to mummy-blogs, to photography blogs, to foody-blogs, to interior blogs.

3. Favourite make up brand?
Clinique & Clarins

4. Favourite clothes brand?
Hahaha... I am probably the least interested of all women in clothes... Couldn't care less about brands, and absolutely HATE shopping for clothes. But I tend to visit East, PhaseEight, and Ann Harvey. Or H&M and KappAhl when I am home in Norway

5. Your must-have makeup product?
Mascara and eyebrow liner!

6. Favourite color

7. Perfume
It has for many years been Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, but The Professor bought me Chance by Chanel and that suits me well, too.
8. Favourite film
Don't think I have any. But I am generally weak for a romantic rom-com.
9. Which country would you like to visit and why
Oh, difficult question!
We have been to many countries already, but there is so much to explore!
I would love to go to Egypt. Particularly with Our Boy, I think. Australia is also high on the list as well as India, Dubai and Mexico. The main reason is because I haven't been there!
10 What is on your night stand?
A pair of cheap reading glasses. Can no longer read books without glasses and the good ones are always in my bag while these cheapy ones 'live' on my night stand.
There is also a lamp, a radio alarm clock and a book I picked up at the summer fete last summer called 'A Village Diary'.
Not the best book, but it puts me to sleep


  1. Kjempe gøy å lese mer om deg! Og gratulerer med awarden. Gøy når noen setter pris på en;-))
    Klem på deg

  2. Grattis med award!
    Morro å bli litt bedre kjent med Mette :)

    Ha en flott kveld..

    Klem fra Tove

  3. Hei Mette
    Gratulere med award, og kjekt å lese litt om deg :)Jeg har også fått denne, men ikke fått tatt den ennå, kommer snart,... Koselig at du vil være med på min giveaway, og så håper jeg at du har det bare fint ღ Har dessverre vært litt dårlig med kommentarer i det siste, men formen har vært litt i kjelleren for tiden... Går litt opp og ned med meg :) Ønsker deg en fortsatt fin uke, så håper jeg våren har kommet til deg.... Stor klem fra Mette

  4. Så artig å lese om deg Mette!
    Du skriver så godt :)
    Jeg har også fått denne - av flere
    men er så dårlig på å ta dem med meg "hjem"..
    Shame on me...

  5. Grattis till din award Mette =)
    Himla kul att få läsa lite mer info om dig ;)

    Varför har du inte lagt ut bilder på din rulltårta? Jag skulle gärna ha tittat på den =D
    De är ju himla enkla att baka och blir ju så goda! Prova receptet på min sida nästa gång, den blev mer luftig än "vanliga" rulltårtor.

    Stor kram till dig