Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Regular Visitors

picture borrowed from National Trust
The blog fell silent for a few days as we have enjoyed visitors from Norway.
My Faithful Friend who comes over at least once a year (she is far better than me to visit!), arrived on Thursday with Her Lovely Fiancee and Her Delightful Son.

picture or a perfect Napoleon's Cake borrowed from matoppskrift.no
Her Delightful Son turned 11 earlier in the month, so we grabbed the chance for another little birthday celebration for him! He had requested Napoleon's Cake (I will post the recipe some other time) and auntie was happy to oblige and try out a new recipe! :-)
I have no idea what Napoleon had to do with the cake, but despite being a new recipe for me it tasted very nice even if it didn't look as perfect as on the picture above!
Practise makes perfect (maybe)!

As they are regular visitors there are certain things and places they HAVE to see when they are here, but I managed to squeeze in a few new places for them to discover, too.

We watched the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey one evening and then a visit to Wimpole Hall became a must!Despite it being bitterly cold (the humid cold here goes through to your bones!) we enjoyed a good walk and lunch in the cafe.

In the gift shop I found the throw pictured above. It is a super warm woollen grey and white throw which simply 'begged' to come home with us. A snip of a price at £20, I think!
It goes so well with the cushion I knitted and the lovely cushion my friend and her son had jointly made for me!
I will take a picture of it in daylight to do it justice!


  1. Under en importblokade under Napoleonskrigen ble det utviklet en måte å fremstille sukker på av rotvekster. Bakerne i ble glade og lagde den nye kaka som takk. I Frankrike heter det Tarte Napoleon.

    1. Herlig! Det er jo bare fantastisk hva man kan laere her i Blogglandia! :-)))

  2. KOS med besøk!
    Napoleonskake gir meg kosleige barndomsminner! Den var alltid med på store (og små) feiringer :)

    Nyt besøket og god uke til deg!

    Klem fra Tove