Thursday, 17 January 2013

4 Blue...and Freestyle Knitting

4 blue degrees this morning and bright sunshine makes the world look pretty
But it was awfully cold biking in to work...

I have been busy lately with the "knitting bug" - knitting socks and other things.
One of the projects was to re-vamp a cushion we were given last year by good friends. Being very creative people, they had in a joint project made a scatter cushion for us. I loved this cushion as they had all contributed with the layout using different textures and materials in the panels. So, I was really upset when one of the panels made with lace got worn and torn!
The new panel in the cushion is made of the same yarn I used when knitting the "Marius-cushion"
To repair it I knitted freestyle two new panels, making up a pattern as I went along alternating knit and purl stiches (rett og vrang) and simply covered the broken lace.

One of my favourite shapes is the heart, so I included a couple of hearts.
 Now we have a unique scatter cushion jointly made with 


  1. Så fint det ble :)

    Enig - hjerter er fine....og disse du strikket, intet untak.

    Wishing you a wodnerful day !

  2. Hei!! Så hyggelig strikk!! Det er kanskje ikke vanlig mr -4 hos deg!? Det er ikke så kaldt i Oslo isdag, men det er glatt å gå. Men ettermiddagene har blitt litt lengre...... Annek:-)

  3. Så fint det blei...selvgjort er velgjort og lyseblått er så delikat.

  4. Ja det ble hjertelig fint du. God helg til deg.