Monday, 7 January 2013

Slow Start to the New Year... (or perhaps not)

Happy New Year!
I went a bit quiet over the holidays, but I am back again!
Here is a quick summary:
We enjoyed lovely, peaceful days over Christmas with loads of seasonal food... and it continued when we went to Norway to celebrate the New Year!
The weather was not the best although we were greeted with a lovely white wintry landscape. Well, that soon turned into pure ice and rain... But never mind, the company was great! A couple of days before New Year's Eve we were invited for pinnekjøtt and on New Year's Eve we were 15 around the table enjoying a gourmet meal cooked by the host's nephew who is a professional chef at a great restaurant in Oslo.
We have been so spoiled!
Marius pattern bedsheets!
I didn't manage much shopping whilst 'home', but I managed to run and get new bedsheets for Our Boy. He was lucky enough to be given a super long down duvet (2.20m) and bedsheets when kind and considerate friends came from Norway earlier in December. At 16 he is 1.85m, so the regular duvets (2.00m) are short for him and you can't get any longer ones here (yes, I have asked!). Talk about happy boy!  'Now I don't have to choose whether to have cold feet or cold shoulders', he says. Oh, the little details that make life comfortable
After we came back to England The Professor and I we went straight to Durham to suss out the town and to start looking for accommodation for him. Early days yet, but we plan to rent something for a while whilst waiting to sell the place in Edinburgh and then buy something new in Durham. I am pleased to say I liked the town very much! Reminds me in many ways of where we live now, but still different. For one thing, Durham has hills.... On a positive note - great for exercise!

Oh, and we managed to see "Life of Pi" at the movies! I had not read the book, but I enjoyed the film!
So, now back to normal routine!
Work wise, that is...

I end today's post with a picture of my friend's new Jack Russel puppy...
Too cute for words!
Hope you are having a good start to the new year!


  1. Good to hear you had such a busy and fulfilling holiday, Mette! I'll write a long message soon to fill you in on our news, but for now: Happy 2013! All the best, Sarah

  2. Så kjekt å høre fra deg igjen.....høres ut som dere har hatt en fin jule- og nyttårsfeiring. Ønsker dere alle et godt nytt år!

  3. Godt nytt år til deg også!
    Deilig med ferie,
    og så bra du fikk tak i en lang dyne.
    For å fryse når man skal sove er helt pyton...

    Ha en fin mandag :O)

  4. Hei og godt nytt år!! Det høres som du har hatt en fin jul!! Det er bra!! Så rart at ikke de har 2,20 dyner i GB!? I vår familie har alle lange dyner og jeg ville ikke drømme om noe annet. Men sånn er det når man kan velge!! Ha det fint!! AnneK:-)

  5. Godt nytt år !

    Så kos å feire nyttårsaften i Norge :)

    Måtte trekke på smilebåndet ang lengden på dynene til sønnen, for her i Italia er alle senger 1.90 m lange !!! KUN Ikea hvor du kan få lenger senger, men vi tok de nå med fra Norge i en container samme med masse andre møbler, i sin tid.

    Ja, ikke sant Durham er en herlig, liten by, koser meg hver gang jeg er der borte.

    Lykke til med husjakten !!

  6. Godt nytt år til deg også! =)
    Høres ut som dere har hatt en trivelig feiring!
    Så godt at det ordnet seg med dyne for sønnen!
    Selv jeg på 1.60 har dyne på 2,20...
    Bare deilig! Dess mer dyne dess bedre.. hehe..