Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Waiting for Spring - at Chippenham Park

As you can see, the snow has disappeared. It is one week between the pictures in this post as to the previous one.
Not that it feels much different. It is still pretty cold...
On Sunday I went with some friends to Chippenham Park to see the snowdrops in bloom. I had never heard of Chippenham Park before - always a delight to learn of new exciting places after all these years.
Chippenham Park is a large country house dating back to the 17th century with vast gardens, lakes and a beautiful park with lots of statues of different animals surprising us as we walked along. The owners open the gardens to the public only certain times of the year, but the property is also used for weddings and special events. I can see this is a special place, although bitterly cold as we walked around. I will definitely come back. Perhaps on a warmer and sunnier day around the beginning of April when the daffodils should be out?

Oh! I can't wait for spring!!!


  1. Chippenham is wonderful - I love the statues, especially the one of the nest of baby crows!
    And yes, it's fabulous when the daffodils are out, well worth another visit.

  2. Så nydelig det ser ut der.....og våren håper jeg ikke lar vente lenge på seg i år. Det ser jo litt vårlig ut allerede hos deg.

  3. beautiful pics! I'm also longing for spring. in the meantime... it's raining over here in Wales :)