Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Visit to Anglesey-Abbey

As Our Boy was revising for upcoming exams, the Professor and I spent Good Friday exploring the National Trust property Anglesey-Abbey.

We are frequent visitors to some of the other National Trust properties in the region, but this was our first trip to Anglesey-Abbey.
It won't be the last.

The place was brimming with little children on their Easter Egghunt, but since we no longer have small children we steered away from the excited crowd and followed the path through the winter garden, to the Mill and then to the manor house itself.

Anglesey-Abbey started out as a priory, but was bought in the 1920s by Lord Fairhaven who transformed the place to a country estate. He had a passion for tradition and impressing guests and this inspired him to transform a run-down country house and desolate landscape.Life revolved around horse racing and shooting, and guests enjoyed 1930s luxury.The estate was given to the National Trust in the late 1960s.

The gardens are truly spectacular with planting for all seasons The path twists and turns and you don't know what is around the corner. We were completely struck with surprise when we found this little area with naked birch trees. The atmosphere was almost a bit eerie among these trees, but I can hardly wait to see it in full bloom in the summer!

The property also contains a working mill where we chatted with the miller and bought some of his freshly milled flour. At £2.25 for 1.5kg there was nothing to complain about!

A lovely walk, great company and a visit to a beautiful house rounded off with tea and scones in the visitor's centre.What more can you want on a chilly spring day?


  1. Elsker slike steder !

    Kan bare tenke meg den hagen, in spring time - wow, må jo være fantastisk.

    Mamma, som bor utenfor Durham, våknet opp til snø idag, men det forsvant etter noen,dere ser ut til å være heldigere med været.

    Gooood påske !

    Ps, veldig fine bilder du har tatt :)

    1. Snø her idag også, men det ble ikke liggende. Snart april... Det må jo slutte snart!?

  2. Så ut som en vidunderlig eiendom og turområde...dere er heldige som har mange slike å besøke og ikke minst National Trust som vedlikeholder og driver alt....

    1. Enig - det er en stor oppgave de har. Vi er virkelig heldige som har slike steder å dra til :-)

  3. Vi fikk ikke besøkt så mange slike steder da vi var i England i oktober, men jeg gjorde virkelig et forsøk på å finne ting langs vår reiserute. Men vi har sett på Lewis i påsken og får bare mer og mer lyst til å dra til Oxford :)