Monday, 18 March 2013

Happiness is...

Old and new friends visiting from Norway.

Despite bitterly cold weather we enjoyed the company of visiting friends. Some of us had not met for YEARS. Some even met for the very first time!
We did pretty much the usual things, ate well, drank well, walked a lot and talked a lot
plus planned a lot for upcoming events...
So, although our neighbour mowed the grass last week I would like to know when spring is deciding to come??? We had snow again some days ago and it is incredibly bitterly out there.
Should have known - The Cat refuses to go out. A sure sign that it is cold...
Don't need to look at the temperature - just check out The Cat curled up on the bed!


  1. Ja ja det blir vel vår i år også.Brr her jeg er.

  2. Samme her...isende kaldt og våren er ikke kommet. Bøndene rundt her bruker å sette ut små planter under plast på denne tiden, men nå er det tjukk tele i bakken. Drivhusene er fulle av de små plantene som skulle ha vært i jorden nå.