Friday, 17 May 2013

Falling Out of Rhythm...

Let me start by wishing all Norwegians everywhere "Gratulerer med dagen".
17 May is the Norwegian constitution day and celebrated and revered by all. Yet again, I am not able to be in Norway on this day, but I am there in spirit!
It has been a while since I wrote on the blog and my only excuse is 'life'. I have missed the blog and reading about what people get up to and getting inspiration from so many. But it has been a hectic month, both at work and at home with exams looming for Our Boy. In addition, I have been struggling with a bad back since Christmas and have tried to get this under control with physiotherapy sessions and daily walks which does wonders for both body and mind. I hope to be back on the blog more regularly now!
Here are some picture from what I have been up to the last couple of weeks:
Capturing the chestnut tree in bloom in the street behind my office...

Business meeting in London...
Afternoon tea with Our Boy

Fundraising event at work for the children's charity Barnardos

Another course to learn to make leather-wrap bracelets

A glimpse from my daily walk by the river.
A little piece of heaven on earth


  1. Noen ganger må man prioritere og først av alt kommer barn og helse...sånn er det bare for oss alle, men veldig kjekt å ha deg tilbake. Alltid like inspirerende å følge med på innleggene dine. Og gratulerer med dagen til deg også!

  2. Ja, sånn er det av og til. Andre ting krever sin tid.
    For et flott og stort tre på det siste bilde!
    God bedring med ryggen :O)