Friday 26 July 2013


I am really pleased with the poncho I made after the pattern I got from Fru Tunheim's blog. I know I have a propensity for small and quick projects, but with thick yarn and crochet hook no 7 it really didn't take more than a couple of days to finish. Remember these balls of yarn? I still had 'tons' of it leftover after my knitted cushions and as part of my decision to reduce my yarn stash before I allow myself to buy anymore, I thought it would be a good idea to use the cream yarn for the poncho... Alas, it was not enough. So, I also used up the grey ball of yarn and I am really happy with the project and the fact that these two huuuuge balls of yarn have now been used up and turned into something useful!

Just a couple of strands of yarn to fasten and then it is good to go! Ok, I admit it was a very warm project to work on as we have had record temperatures here with many days with well over 30 degrees, but it was so inspiring to see how quickly the project grew! Hopefully, the nice weather will carry on and it will be some months before this poncho will be needed!

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  1. Så flott ponchoen blei i to farger...det passet jo perfekt at du fikk for lite av kremfargen. Den blei så spenstig. Håper egentlig at du ikke får brukt den på lenge enda. Jeg har fire dager igjen, og så er det tre uker ferie. Ha en strålende fin helg.

  2. Den ble flott! Kommer nok til å bli deilig utover høsten. :)

    Håper du har en fin sommer!

  3. Sååååå fin !!

    Likte veldig godt "stripen" som ble :)