Monday, 9 September 2013

Felted Slippers/Socks

Yes, I am still here. 
A long silence from my end, but I am still here!
Despite my own health concerns, we have had the most amazing summer ever. Glorious weather, day after day. It really lifts the spirit and in my case, helps with recovery. Talking of recovery, I started back in July at the gym and am now completely hooked. Although I feel my recovery after surgery has been slower than I thought, I so feel the benefit from going to the gym.
Scared straight, I think...
But we are now getting back in to normal routine as Our Boy has started school again - last year before uni! A lot of pressure and so many things that need to happen in the right order. The summer has been filled with him and The Professor travelling around to some of the universities for their open days to help us assess which university he will be applying for. Grades is not the only criteria for acceptance, so a lot of strategic thinking to ensure the right things are done is needed.
Good friends have been over to visit and other good friends have moved back home. Unfortunately, that is often the case of many people we meet and form strong bonds with here. A very transient community. On the bright side - people leaving are good in staying in touch and coming back.
So, what have I been doing in addition to going to the gym?
A lot of various craft projects and some reading. My latest craft project is a pair of felted slippers/socks put together with granny squares.  
For some reason I can't upload the pictures I took, so I suggest you check out the pattern and picture found at Drops/Garnstudio
I got the yarn from a little local yarn shop called Sheep Shop . The yarn is called Lima and is particularly useful for felting. I only had a needle 7 (forgot to check this on the pattern before going to the shop...) so I ensured the final squares were the recommended size by adding another round. I admit it was a little fiddly to figure out how to sew the granny squares together, but just follow the pattern. It was very exciting to pop the socks in the washing machine (40 degrees and no detergent) to see if it would felt up and work!
And it did!


  1. Så kjekt å høre fra deg igjen og hyggelig å lese at dere har hatt en fin sommer på tross av at helsen ikke har vært topp. De tøflene var kjekke. Jeg har laget mange tovede strikketøfler av slike ruter så bestemorrutet var en ny vri for meg.
    I dag er det stortingsvalg i Norge så nå får vi se om vi har blå eller rød regjering de neste fire årene.

    Ha en superflott dag!

  2. Så morsomme godsokker/tøfler du har heklet !

    Godt å høre du er på bedringens vei, etter en operasjon forstår jeg... fortsatt god bedring, og nyt fine dager :)

  3. Så fine tøfler, fin vri med bestemorrutene.
    Ikke moro når helsen ikke er som den skal, men bra du trives med å trene :O)

    Ha en fin uke!

  4. Great to see you blogging back
    Speedy recovery and enjoy the gym!
    I'm trying to find some motivation for my gym too! Should go in this week!