Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Graduation in Durham!

Students gathering outside Durham Cathedral
I was up in lovely, but very blustery Durham on the weekend (incredible winds - think it was the storm 'Nina' that was making all the noise!) in connection with the graduation of one of the Professor's PhD-students. I don't get to know all his students, but every so often some of them become like friends and it feels natural to be there with them on their big day - particularly if they are not able to have their own families with them.
Borrowed from the web - we were not allowed to take pictures inside during the ceremony
 I had not been in to the amazing Cathedral before, but I will definitely go again soon (have wanted to save it till we have guests to take around!). Simply beautiful. After the ceremony in the cathedral there was a reception in the school.
Fitting decoration for the occasion - from the reception in the Business School.
We then proceeded to our house for a couple of hours before we went for dinner.
Picture borrowed from Finbarr's webpage
The new Doctor invited us all out to a delicious meal at Finbarr's . Finbarr's is an excellent  restaurant for a special occasion. We ate very well and it was such a nice way to mark the day. I strongly recommend the restaurant if you make your way to Durham.
And the socks I was knitting...? No, they were not completed on the train, but on Monday evening. I have two more 'UFO's to complete before I start anything new. Wool has been ordered for this new project, but I have PROMISED myself to finish off these two other projects before I get going on anything else.
Looking at the new wool waiting will be a good incentive, I think...!


  1. Så snillt av dere å stille opp som reservefamilie og wow for en katedral. De kunne virkelig tingene sine de som stod for bygging i den tiden.

  2. Det var vel mere en ære for oss (iallefall meg siden Professoren var veilederen hans) a fa være med. Men det er hyggelig a gjore noe hyggelig for andre! :-) Enig I at det estetiske var pa et annet niva for I tiden...