Thursday 8 January 2015

There Is A Chance...

I am heading up to Durham for a long weekend and with about 3 hrs on the train there is a chance I might finish the socks I am making for The Professor on the way! Socks like these are such a great way of using up leftover yarn from other projects. I can't abide the thought of throwing out the leftovers, and I hate having leftover yarn cluttering up the knitting basket. Making something useful is therefore a win-win solution.
I really recommend Bitta Mikkelborg's book "Sokker - Strikking Hele Året" - there are just so many ideas and patterns to chose from. The patterns and techniques are very well described making it a pure joy to knit
(sorry - to my knowledge, the book is not available in English)


  1. Flotte sokker! Jeg har også den boka og nå har jeg også fått Kluteboka fra henne - og blitt hekta på dem!!! Go' hælj til deg :)