Friday, 22 October 2010

Coffee Morning

A couple of the parents (read: mothers) in Our Boy's year organise monthly Coffee Mornings on the last Friday of the month in a conveniently located cafe as an informal way of getting to know each other.

It was easy gettting to know the mothers of his friends (as I tend to be a bit of a chatterbox...;-)) when Our Boy was in Primary School and we were all waiting for the children by the school gate at the end of the day . Most of my best and dearest friends in this town were "acquired" that way. We have forged deep and strong friendships independent of the children as most of them are now in different schools around town as they moved into Secondary School.

So, when Our Boy started Secondary School 3 years ago with none of his old classmates it brought a completely new set of parents for me to get to know!

Unfortunately, just like me - not everybody manages to come to the meetings every month, but we are still a "hard core" that normally make it and it is a very pleasant way to learn about other aspects of what goes on at school.

You would be amazed what you learn about your own child hearing it from other sources ...


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  1. Det hørtes ut som en veldig nyttig og fin tradisjon. Ser for meg at det ville ha blitt vanskelig der jeg bor, siden det virker som om alle foreldre har så enormt travelt og er opptatt med seg og sitt...

    Too late for me anyway.... studenten er jo på universitetet i Oslo.

    Ha en fin lørdag og helg.