Saturday, 2 October 2010

Getting the Hint!

I am taking the hint:

Do you know the feeling when you are really busy and have lots of projects,
but for reason they are just not meant to be?

Today has turned out to be a day like that for me:

After a very busy week at work, I cherised the luxery of sleeping in till 8.30 am.
I had a nice cup of coffee in bed with The Cat. The house was quiet (Our Boy likes his sleep) so as I was sitting in bed looking around and thinking about all the changes I want to do to the room when we finally get around to redecorating it (yes, reading blogs does that to you!).
 I decided to do what I can and rearrange the bedroom. I threw a load of washing in the machine and got out the hoover and rearranged the bedroom. Happy and content with my mission, I had a quiet moment reading blogs and then hung the now clean clothes, had a lovely shower and a quick breakfast.

More plans had been brewing in my mind and decided to return a faulty lamp to the shop across town and jumped in the car.

This is where it all went wrong.

First weekend of October is the BUSIEST weekend of the year in our town as ALL the new students arrive. The roads were jampacked with proud parents and their hopefuls with cars laden to the rim with everything and nothing of what the aspiring students will be needing.

I should have known! 11 years in this town should have taught me something???
It took me 20 mins to go around the block. Obviously, I went back home and had a change of plans. The lamp would have to wait, I decided to bike to town and buy the yarn I need for my next project. It is a lovely sunny day, so I biked carefully among all the cars into town. Yes, it was even more crowded as this is one of the drawbacks of living in a famous University town as there milllllllions of tourists as well. Not a bad word about neither students nor tourists - we need the all!

I chose the yarn, had a look around the shop (it is like a being in a candy store!), but restricted myself to the 4 balls of yarn and went to pay. PANIC! There was no wallet in my bag. Obviously, I couldn't buy the yarn and I left the shop casting longing looks at the yarn as I walked out calling Our Boy to check if I had left the wallet in the car. Phew! Yes, it was there. A black wallet on a black seat... need I say more?

There was nothing else for me to do but to bike back home where things started looking better as Our Boy had cooked me lunch! I also ran into an old friend in town whom I haven't seen for a long time and we had a long chat. The sun is shining and we are off to a BBQ tonight!

Surely, nothing can go wrong there?

In the meantime, I will stay put indoors and not start any new projects.

I think my quota for the day is used up.

In the meantime - welcome back to all the new students!


  1. Ja, ja, da kom det noe godt utav sykkelturen likevel, god tur i deilig frisk høstluft og møte med gamle kjennte. Håper BBQ blir super.

    Jeg var forresten på yoga i går,kl. 09.30. Nye øvelser og det kjennes i hele kroppen, er visst ikke helt inni opplegget enda...

  2. Hei Mette! Ja, nå er høsten her, har rydda vekk hagemøblene i dag vi, er ingen vei tilbake nå. Vet du je har så fin ny sykkel, men den er altfor lite brukt, i år har jeg ikke rørt den, snakk om flaut. Her har vi nettopp spist biffgryte med rødvin, den er supergod med mye av høstens grønnsaker.Mye jobb og litt stri med min gamle mor om dagen her, hun er 80 neste år, og trenger litt hjelp til å komme seg ut.....Så da roper ho på ANITA. Ønsker deg en fortsatt god helg.

  3. Phuh, litt av ein dag!
    Håpe grillinga gjekk bra då :o)

    Hadde nå likt å sett ominredninga av rommet og eg da... hint, hint ;o)

    Lykke te med resten av helga :o)
    Og 1000 takk for hilsner og gratulasjon!