Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Floor Saga...

The renovation work in Our Boy's bedroom is going ever so slowly...
We have been waiting for the new floor for over 3 weeks after being told it would take 10 days to 2 weeks. I am really frustrated as the supplier is telling me one new story after the other. I finally lost my temper on Monday after being served yet another lie from them and actually filed a formal complaint with head office over the behaviour of their employee. I understand delays can happen, but I can't tolerate being lied to. The person at head office with was very nice and empathetic, and I was promised a reply within 48 hours... Much to my disappointment I have still not heard anything - and the 48 hours have long passed. The disappointing thing is that I have renovated two other rooms and used their floors and been really happy. This time it is simply a disaster. I am giving them till lunchtime tomorrow and then I will cancel the order.
There are other shops!

In the meantime, the decorators are done with the re plastering and  painting and we have gone with a grey color (Goosewing from Dulux) on one of the short walls to give the room a more masculine feel and a slightly creamy color on the others to give some light (Jasmin from Dulux) and white on the ceiling. 
We have put in 8 spotlights in the ceiling and they are divided into three different zones (2+4+2) with a dimmer switch for each part.
I am really pleased with these brushed steel dimmers.
Little joys! ;-)

We are lucky to have very patient builders who just fit our work in between other jobs. I am so fed up with the mess all over the house, but surely there must be an end to this!

Our Boy is at the local theatre with his class tonight seeing 'Much Ado About Nothing' by Shakespeare - which is part of their curriculum this year, so it should be educational.

I will spend the rest of the evening in the kitchen making some cupcakes to take to work tomorrow. My amazing colleague is leaving and we are having farewell tea tomorrow at noon. We had a lovely lunch for her in the President's Lodge in one of the colleges yesterday, but it is always good to have an excuse for cake!

And in another couple of weeks a new colleague is joining us, so that should be an opportunity to have 'welcome-to-us-cakes'!



  1. Fy f....!
    Kan godt forstå frustrasjonen :o(
    Det blir flott te slutt da :o)

    Så Halden e din by altså?
    Jammen hadde det vore stas om du hadde tatt turen øve her ;o) Du har sikkert lyst te å besøka familien??? ;o)

    Ha de så bra uansett snuppa!

  2. Ja, det er lov å banne. Som du skriver, forsinkelser kan oppstå, men å juge til folk som enkelte butikkansatte gjør, det er bare så lavmåls.
    Kos deg med cupcakes, det hjelper kanskje på humøret? :-)

  3. Vi har de samme dimmebryterne. Ha. ;)

    Britenes holdning til service slutter aldri å forundre meg - for ikke å snakke om folks redsel for å klage. Og jeg er som deg, jeg blir eitranes sint når folk tror jeg er idiot og lyver meg rett opp i ansiketet. Jeg har hatt noen runder med butikkansatte jeg også. Huff a meg. Jeg håper det ordner seg og hadde jeg vært deg så hadde jeg forlangt at butikken slo av på prisen. De har forårsaket store forsinkelser og står ansvarlig. Lykke til.

  4. Skjønner frustrasjonen! Veldig fin farge på kortveggen der! Lykke til med (eventuelt) nytt gulv!


  5. Sorry to hear about the problems with the floor ... has it gone in yet? The room looks great though! By the way, did you find out what things were causing the bumps in the night?
    We're enjoying a really lovely sunny day today and relief that we didn't get the storm as badly as they predicted yesterday (although the kids did get the day off!).