Saturday, 19 February 2011

Recommended Reading: The Forgotten Garden

The train journey to Edinburgh takes about 5 hours.
5 hours completely to my self... bliss! 
The mobile coverage is often poor so I can't even be reached by phone.

I love it!

I read a lot or do some crocheting.
To my surprise this seems to be a novelty as I always get nice and friendly comments from fellow travellers completely mesmerised by what I am doing...

On the way up to Edinburgh this weekend I completed Kate Morton's book "The Forgotten Garden". I have previously read her book "The House at Riverton". Both these books are a bit sad, nostalgic, romantic and with a twist in the tale and about family secrets. This book is cleverly told over three stages in time, in the early 1900s, in 1975 and present day. I think that worked very well. 

I see that Kate Morton recently had another book come out called "The Distant Hours".

I wanna read it!

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  1. Denne boka er NYDELIG! Leste den i fjor til jul. :) Takk for hilsen hos meg. Nå kan du lese fortsettelsen på historien om den Blå stolen i dagens innlegg hos meg. :)