Sunday, 27 February 2011

Half Term Adventure

We have spent part of this half-term holiday in Edinburgh with The Professor.
The Cat was sent away to a (lovely) cattery, but I always feel guilty about sending him there. It is a lovely place on a farm where he has his own little room and outdoor area, but it isn't home...

But the flat in Edinburgh is becoming home. Little by little things are finding their way in and we are enjoying the flat and the city. The picture above is obviously from the kitchen. It was all renovated when we bought it and looked very sleek and modern. However, I have decided I will not have black granite work tops or black tiled floors in my next house/flat - contrary to belief - 'everything' shows! But a lot of black and white and steel gives a rather masculine feel so the quirky whiskey bottles softens this a little

Funny what writing a blog makes you do - never thought I would take a picture of the toilet before...

But here are some details to show how the re-decorator has aimed to keep the bathroom in style with the house from 1890. It has its quirks: you MUST remember to close the toilet lid before flushing if not the force from the water tank makes a lot of it splash out on the floor...Not a problem, if you only remember to close the lid before flushing!

Here is a picture of the bathroom looking into the hallway.
Sorry, for the lack of styling for the picture... Just didn't notice that cleaning can on the sink until I got it on the computer. Again, the colors in the bathroom like in the kitchen are held in black/white/steel so a little splash of color with a bright towel is in its place. I have sort of a 'fobia' for drilling holes in tiles (just think I will ruin them) so this suction hanger does the job.

We are delighted to discover that the flat is just around the corner from a large park with a small lake leading to the Botanical Garden.
Great place for a walk or jog!

Although it was colder in Edinburgh than home further south, spring is definitely in the air.
Buds are appearing and even some blooms were coming.

Just lovely...

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  1. Nydelig innlegg....godt skrevet og flotte bilder. Ønsker dere en super skotsk søndag.