Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A New Dining Idea

picture borrowed from http://charlieandevelynstable.blogspot.com/

I have heard about this concept before
- I seem to recall hearing about similiar underground/pop up restaurants in the USA.
This one is in Edinburgh and unfortunately, I only learnt about it AFTER I had left Edinburgh this weekend....
However, there seems to be a waiting list to get in, so it might be something to plan for another time I am in the Scottish capital!

Charlie and Evelyn's Table is a new dining experience. It is not a restaurant, but a private dining club hosted in a private home. This husband and wife team have been receiving glowing reports from national press and glossy magazines.

This is how it works:
You book a space at their table (they can accomodate max 8 people in total), agree on any food allergies/not likes and BYOB ('bring your own booze').  Payment for the food is in the form of a donation (recommended is £20) and you are sent a copy of the menu planned and can object if there is anything you don't like. So you turn up on the agreed date and you are treated to 4-5 courses and dine together with the other guests.

I think this sounds really different and fun!

This is taken from their blog:
Rachel and Chris Rowley LOVE to eat and to share this passion with others. Their hospitality has been widely enjoyed by those who know them and those who don't. Intrigued by the concept of secret, pop up or underground restaurants, they began to daydream about their own. Charlie and Evelyn's Table is their daydreams made real. And, the table really does exist. It was bought by Chris's Grandparents(Charlie and Evelyn) years ago. It has been at the heart of Chris and Rachel's home since 2004 and they look forward to welcoming you to it, or, bringing the Charlie and Evelyn experience to you, at home.


  1. Det hørtes veldig kjekt ut. Vi var på et ærværdig pensjonat en gang der vi fikk middag og kaffe servert ved samme bord som de andre gjestene og det var utrolig morsomt. Det var vertskapets private hjem som var gjort om til pensjonat, så det bør du absolutt prøve ved en anledning. Skipperhuset Seng&Mat, Rasvåg på Hidra var vi på.

  2. Hei!! Jeg har hørt om det i Oslo også!! Men har ikke vært på det. Men det hadde sikkert vært gøy!! Prøv da vel, og fortell oss etterpå!!:-) AnneKari

  3. I've heard of this ... and it really sounds interesting! However, I doubt it could compete with the experience of dining with one's best friends ... :o)

  4. Hei på deg Mette!!! Alltid koselig å høre fra deg!!!

    Dette høres spennende ut - og noe utenom den vanlige middagen ute.

    Ha en fortsatt fin mandag!!!

    Klem fra