Monday, 5 September 2011

Rude Awakening...

Today was the first day back at work after the holidays. 

Talk about feeling like being thrown in at the deep end... 

I have to admit that I check emails daily when I am away (normally in the evening when often any problem has already resolved itself!), but I am good at choosing what MUST be dealt with and what can wait. 

However, I think many knew I was away and didn't email me, but rather came with it 'all' today...

The picture above is from our holidays when we walked passed a relaxed group of people playing cards in a park in Antibes. 
Looks nice and relaxing, don't you think? 
Wouldn't mind a few more weeks with this kind of activities, I think... 
Actually, come to think of  it, the average age was a little high in this group. 
I don't think I am ready for that kind of life yet, after all... 


Our Boy was supposed to start year 11 today, but I made him stay home as he had a slight temperature and a cold. I took him to the doctor this morning as he also had an ear infection while we were on holidays and I worried this would flare up again. Fortunately nothing sinister going on and I think we are looking at him going to school tomorrow. 

Mothers don't stop worrying about their kids, even if they are 15 and a head taller than us, do we?

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  1. God bedring til sønnen....og sant som du sier at vi som foreldre bekymrer oss for barna livet ut...og kanskje spesielt vi mødre.

    Ha en fin dag

    PS! Enig, vi må ikke oppføre oss "gammelt" før tiden. Det kommer tidsnok alikevel.