Sunday, 4 September 2011

Summer Projects Become Autumn Projects

I had sooo many plans for all the handicraft I wanted do this summer. 
Well, somehow the summer has more or less gone by, and many other things came in the way. 
Not to worry - none of them were so important that they can't be added to the 'fall list' instead


One of the things I had planned was to make some plate protectors. 
You know, what you put in between each of your good plates so they don't rub and cause damage to each other. I had brought so many of Mamma's lovely things over this summer and I want to make sure I keep them as well as she did. Getting some more storage would be one way to go...

Garnstudio  has a number of patterns for small tablecloths (they do them in several languages) and I made this one on the boat going to Denmark this summer:

It was the finest/thinnest yarn I could find in the shop, but it still turned out chunkier than I had envisaged.

So, while in France I stumbled across a little yarn shop in Cannes and after a lot of body language (my French vocabulary is sadly not that fluent in 'crochet')  the lady understood I wanted very fine yarn for crocheting. 

I used the same pattern and the same sized hook, and it was almost like crocheting with cobweb and very hard to keep the thread taught enough to avoid big ugly unintentional loops.

I remember I was once given a large knitted tablecloth and don't think I ever appreciated the hard work it must have been as it was also made with a similar fine, thin thread. 
To be honest, the chunkier version works better between the plates as protection as you can't really notice the thin one between the plates. 

I might do a search on the internet for a thread that is something in between the two I tried. 

I just have to make a couple of dozen more of them... 
Think I need a new pattern, I get bored without a challenge!


  1. Hei!! Det var et fint prosjekt å lage tallerkendempere!! Hvis du finner noe garn i Norge som du ikke får tak i hos deg, må du si ifra. Jeg kan sende!! Solberg bomull finnes i ganke tynt tror jeg. Lykke til! AnneK:-)

  2. Hei på deg, så nydelige, jeg husker farmoren min alltid brukte det når hun skulle ha selskap;)

  3. Litt av et tålmodighetsarbeid, ja! Jeg fikk heldigvis en stabel med slike sammen med de fine dekketallerknene jeg har fått av mamma :) Jeg hadde ikke hatt tålmodighet (eller kunnskap!) til å hekle sånne! Veldig imponert!

  4. AnneK - Det var da utrolig snilt av deg a tilby deg a forskaffe garn til meg! Jeg har fatt tak i et annet garn som jeg skal prove ut forst, men jeg skal ha deg i tankene om det ikke fungerer! Tuuuusen takk for tilbudet!! Snille deg! :-) ♥