Sunday, 25 September 2011

Going Back in Time...

This weekend's special event at Wimpole Hall was "Wimpole at War". We were in fact not aware of any special event going on, but stumbled across it when we went down there with my in-laws yesterday. Glad I had brought my camera!

Lots of people had arrived dressed up in 1940s style. It was like we had experienced time travel! In part of the grounds there were some form of jumble sale as well as more established vintage sellers from the 1940s.
Funny how these fashions seem to be coming back again. I loved looking at the hats... Will that ever come back again...? I guess the hairstyle has to suit the hats, too.

There were several lovely antique cars on the grounds and they were also selling Victorian fabrics for £2.50 a meter! Wish I was a better seamstress..


  1. Å så interessant å bare snuble inn i den settingen sånn uten videre....Det må ha vært en kjekk lørdagsutflukt.

  2. Der skulle jeg ha vært asså...det er det jeg sier, jeg skulle ha bodd i England...trenger de en familieterapeut over there tro...hi,hi...klem W

  3. Vad roligt att de var vintage klädda =)
    Och som vanligt har du tagit underbara bilder!