Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year's Walk...

I have to say the weather is strange these days! 
Extreme winds and lots of rain, but rather warm. 
A lot of things are starting to grow in the garden...

Not sure what to make of it, but it is very unlike last January when we even had snow for several days! 
On our last holiday after Christmas The Professor and I ventured out for the first walk of 2012. We went our usual route to Grantchester. Always lovely and warming to have a stop at one of the pubs at the end of the path for a glass of mulled wine... 

 We walked around the church (where I once - by accident - attended service with Lady Thatcher - but that is another story and enough name dropping for one day...) and I was intrigued by this bricked up doorway in the wall... wonder what the story was WHY this had been done? It was only the church yard behind it. It reminded me of the book 'The Secret Garden'...

On our way back home we suddenly stopped and STARED
Despite the distance - there was unmistakably a man taking a swim in the river...! 
And no - it really isn't THAT warm (we were wearing gloves and hats...). 

I think that is taking New Year's resolutions to get fit a bit too far...


  1. Ingen tegn til vinter hos oss heller....og noen av rosene fra i høst blomstrer fortsatt i hagen....hmmm...kanskje jeg må blogge det. Det var så vakkert på vestlandskysten i dag, men da jegmkom hjem til Jæren så var det fortsatt gråttmog regnbyger.

    Så unektelig deilig ut med en nyttårsvandring.

  2. Ser vårlig ut ja, men bading i elva var vel litt overdrevet? :-)

    Her er det endelig kommet litt snø i dag så kanskje det blir en rask skitur på oss nå, deilig.