Monday, 5 March 2012

Coming Over For the Olympics? - Tip For Accommodation

As you may know, I work for one of the famous Universities in the UK.
I feel really lucky to work in such amazingly beautiful surroundings with very interesting people from all over the world.

With the Olympics in mind, I thought I would share a tip for a different type of accommodation other than a regular hotel room:

Many colleges and Universities rent out rooms out of term (and some during term) at much more reasonable prices than what a hotel room would cost. The rooms are mainly available in the summer (July, August, September), Christmas and Easter (March, April) vacation periods, when students clear their rooms. It gives people a chance to see what it is like to live in anything from rather modern buildings to ancient historical accommodation. As it says on the website:

"You could trace the footsteps of graduates such as Newton, Darwin, Wordsworth, John Cleese, and Prince Charles. You will eat in the college hall, and could wander through the college's gardens and courts, learn about the college's history, and take a punt along the river followed by a drink in the college bar."

Doesn't look too bad staying in a place like this, does it?
picture borrowed from www
This website ( gives you options to see availability and search for accommodation in many different countries, so well worth considering if you are planning a trip somewhere (for some reason I wasn't able to embed the link today!).

A tip for 'thinking outside the box' is if you are planning to come to the UK for the Olympics is to consider staying outside of London. Many of the University towns are less than an hour away by train and you get to see more than 'just' London.

There is a lot more to this island than London, you know...


  1. Lett kunne jeg ha leid et rom i sånne omgivelser.... Vakkert og tusen takk for godt tips!

  2. Å - der så det flott ut! Kunne godt tenkt meg dit ja! Og ja - England er mye mer enn London!!