Monday, 19 March 2012

Not Exactly Snow... and Nowruz

The trees along the garages are in full bloom covering the ground with their pretty white/pink petals. Looks like snow, but this is the type of 'snow' I prefer

Lovely sunshine on a Monday is much appreciated, but WHY could it not have been shining on Sunday too???

Tomorrow is Nowruz (1391). Read here and here to learn more about the Persian New Year's celebrations. It will be a quiet celebration for us tomorrow as The Professor was home on the weekend and we had an early joint Nowruz celebration and Mother's Day celebration (yes, that was yesterday here in the UK). Got to be pragmatic when the Nowruz celebration changes time and day every year! This year it will Tuesday 20 March at 05.14 am...! And no... I will NOT be awake for that tomorrow morning!

Hyacinths are among the traditional flowers for Nowruz. I got these as bulbs from a friend of mine for my birthday in November. After potting them (and forgetting them), I left them in the garage over the winter. Purely by accident, I remembered them one day I was in the garage and brought them in to the house two weeks ago. Their blooms are now perfectly timed for the celebrations!

Eid-e-Shoma Mubarak!

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  1. Full vår, så herlig! Vi skal til England om få uker, håper på varme. :-)