Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Things Going Bump In The Night...

This is becoming a mystery:

Monday night I was abruptly awoken at 1 am by a loud bump from the room we are renovating (the room is right below my bedroom).

It sounded like something had fallen from the ceiling onto the floor. Even The Cat sleeping next to me was disturbed and looked up nervously.
I got up and went to investigate. 
But there wasn't anything wrong in the room.
The room is completely empty.
There isn't anything that can fall...
I calmly continued throughout the house thinking I had mistaken where the sound came from, but everything seemed normal.

Perhaps I had been dreaming?

But no, The Cat had reacted, too.

I am not easily spooked nor scared so I decided to go back to bed and actually fell asleep.
At 5 am I woke up again, but this time the noise was not so loud.
Again, The Cat reacted. 

I decided to stay awake and find out if I was dreaming or not so I sat up and started reading a book.
Lo and behold - it happen twice again and the sound is definitely coming from the room because there is a bit of an echo in the room since it is empty.

In the morning Our Boy and I investigated the room again and found nothing!
I called the foreman and explained my mystery and he was equally intrigued but had no answers.

 Last night I was really tired after yoga and feel into a very deep sleep (I always do after yoga), but woke up shortly before 6 am
- and there was the noise again!

My only suspicion is that it must be something to do with the spotlights that went in on Monday.
However, the electrician came again this morning to replace one of the bulbs not working but he had no explanation either to these noises.

I am hoping after the decorator has been there and the spots have been put correctly in their place that it will be the end of the noises...

To be honest, I am a little intrigued, but mainly annoyed because I want to sleep!


  1. Uuups - sånt er ikke noe koselig, man blir litt oppskaket. Får håpe lydene forsvinner når lysene er ferdig montert :) Og du får en god natts søvn igjen!

    Nan-brødene nedenfor ser nydelige ut! Virkelig gode - og en favoritt når vi er ute å spiser, men jeg har ikke bakt det selv. Når har jeg ingen unnskyldning lenger :)

    Nyt dagen!


  2. Hm, så det har nok en naturlig forklaring, hva det nå enn er....Kanskje bevegelse i nytt treverk?

    Håper det blir en god natts søvn i natt.