Sunday 8 May 2011

Feeling Righteous

I think I have earned some 'brownie-points' in the neighbourhood... 

 We live in a cul-de-sac where most of the houses are situated in the old apple orchard which used to belong to the main building dating back to the early 1800s. Most of our neighbours are really lovely and we get on well. We are 19 properties consisting of some flats in the old building and town houses in the old orchard. We share among other things a communal garden. There is a gardener that comes once a week and looks after it and that way it is always well maintained and nobody argues over people not pitching in... 
We also share the drive-in to the properties, and not to forget 
- the recycling bins... 

We have three types of bins:
1. The Blue bin which takes paper/clean foil/glass/tinned cans/plastic bottles/telephone directories etc
2. The Green bin takes food and garden waste and small quantities of card board.
3. The Black bin takes all other types of household garbage.

 Each household has a black bin at the end of their garden and we have a common area for the blue and green bins which we all share. The system really isn't difficult to learn as the bins are clearly marked with what goes in them. However, some of the flats are rented out and new lodgers always take a bit of time to get used to the recycling scheme... I won't go there... In addition, here in the UK people don't use designated paper bags for disposing of food waste - it is all just thrown open into the bins. 
Well, it doesn't take much imagination to envision that the blue and green bins end up looking rather horrible and the potential for smells and flies having a grand party in the warmer weather... 

Therefore, after the bins had been emptied yesterday morning, Our Boy and I got the water hose out and cleaned them properly inside and out and used some disinfectant to get rid of any potential 'nasties'... 
The-Best-Neighbour-in-the-World joined us and together we got through them all. 
They are now all 'spic-and-span'!

How lovely it is to feel so righteous... 

I think I will bring up the suggestion of getting a company in to clean them on a regular basis. 
With 19 households it really shouldn't be expensive!

Another weekend project has been getting to grips with the granny-throw I started last October
I know - it is taking FOREVER! I get bored of it and put it aside, but I want to complete it now!
I think I am about 70% done and have started putting the squares together. I kind of regret not having a clear design in mind when I made the squares, but it isn't looking too bad. 
I like it when there are patterns in these, and there is actually a system to it...


However, it will be a &*% job to fasten all the loose ends...


  1. Godt jobba, deres naboer burde sette pris på innsatsen. Godt jobba med bestemorsrutene også, jeg har en bunke liggende på femte året eller noe, så jeg synes ikke oktober er så lang tid, he he.

    Nå har jeg akkurat bakt de flapjacks du bakte for en liten stund siden - ble kjempegode.

  2. Kjempe fint teppe...og av og tl så tar ting litt tid.. :O)
    Så bra at dere fikk vasket ut søppelbøttene, for søppelstank en varm sommer dag er helt pyton!
    Vi skal ha dugnad her jeg bor til uken, så da blir fint tenker jeg (selv om dt er alltid noen som ikke gidder å stille opp da)

    Ha en fin ny uke,
    klem :O)

  3. Sånne hjemmeheklede tepper er så kjekke å ha og nærmest å se på som verdifulle arveobjekter...jeg har hekklet veldig mange sånne pledd i ull, og å feste trådene er det kjedeligste arbeidet.