Saturday, 21 May 2011

Listening to the Summer Sounds...

I quickly spray painted the iron basket. I think it looks prettier in white than in the original brown.
This evening I am enjoying being thoroughly physically tired .. 
-  tired from working in the garden. 
It is that kind of satisfied tiredness knowing you have done something really useful. 

Basil, garlic chives, rosemary, mint, tomatoes and chilies are among this years crop
Our Boy went hiking (12 km) and camping with the scouts last night. After picking him up at 9.30 this morning from the camp site I decided to 'attack' the garden. Our Boy is revising for GCSE exams starting next week, so no help to be had from him, but The Best-Neighbour-In-The-World came out and gave me a hand. It is so nice to work together with somebody!

The borders were all overgrown - the &*%@ ivy had taken over big time and the hedge was blocking for the sunshine.  Our garden is very small, but we have three huge trees 
(lilac, elderflower and one with yellow flowers - can't remember the name) 
and they need pruning so we also get some sunshine... 
We filled three bins with our cuttings!

I should have had some before-and-after pictures, but these are all 'after' pictures. I nipped out to the garden centre and got some more plants and some soil. 
Just need to be good watering the new plants unless we get some much needed rain! 
The lawn is looking very unattractive as it has gone without rain for such a long time... 
Actually, I never thought I would actually wish for rain here in England. 
Normally we have more than enough!

But you make do with what there is and if the weather keeps I am hoping to paint the bench and the chair tomorrow. They have both weathered rather a lot since last year so I think it will give them a new lease of life.


I am going 'white' this summer, of course!



  1. Hello!! Ser ut som du har fått gjort masse i hagen i dag, og da blir man skikkelig sliten; fornøyd sliten:O)
    Har selv drevet med utearbeid, har ei gammel hagegruppe som skal bli hvit, men sannelig sitter gammel maling godt!
    Kos deg med god samvittighet resten av helga..unntatt litt maling imorgen;))
    Klem fra meg;)

  2. Ja hagearbeid er god trim, ikke tvil om det!

    Nydelig i hagen din, likte godt den sitteplassen, lunt og godt så det ut der;)

  3. Herlig hage:)
    Nyt resten av helgen.