Thursday 8 December 2011

Oooooh! So Tempting...

You know how you see on TV all these auctions for antique furniture?
I love those shows!

Despite having lived here for maaaany years I was not aware of any local auction houses.
Well, my colleague changed all that when she introduced me to a local auction house. The great thing is that they have their catalogue online and you can go an browse the items live for a week before the auction. For some items you can bid online, for others you can leave a bid if you can't be there in person on the day.

The auction takes place today and last night we went over to have a look at things as she was looking for a particular item. The item she had seen online didn't turn out so nice 'in real life', but she found some other nice items she put in a bid on.
So exciting! 

I decided not to put in any bids, but rather take some time looking and learning.
According to The (minimalist) Professor, I would need a larger house as well to accommodate any more furniture...

Imagine if this top hat (and leather box) could talk...
I would love to attend an auction, but WORK gets in the way... At least I can see online what the various items went for and learn from that!

... or the tales these three friends could tell!

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  1. Må være kjempespennende om en er interessert i gamle ting, sjekke opp nyankommet osv. Husker det var sånn da vi var på jakt etter gjestesenger til hytta på Fretex. Ellers så er nok jeg mer i retning av Professoren.

    Ha en fin adventskveld.

    Hos oss er det jul i kveld med pøsregn og stormvarsel. Revisoren er på Barbados i julen og har bestillt pinnekjøtt og kålrabistappe og i kveld er siste anledning for meg før hennes avreise.