Saturday, 12 June 2010

Lovely Saturday!

Although the sun and the higher temperatures are not really with us at the moment it is still a lovely time in the garden with so much in bloom.

There are some flowers I HAVE to have every year and lobelia and petunia are among them. The two baskets in the trees are coming along nicely. Probably because of all the rain lately...

Today is a busy day in our house as Our Boy is having some friends over for a sleepover to celebrate his birthday and to mark the end of the exams! I have started preparing the food for tonight by making a lovely focaccia bread which I found on Fru Hermez' blog (sorry - I will translate it to English another day), but I have a feeling most of it has already been consumed by Our Boy...It is really yummy!

There is also the Summer Fete in our local vicarage this afternoon. This is a classic annual event in the community and hardly anything more English than that! Weather permitting I will make my way over shortly and perhaps post a blog about that tomorrow! 


  1. Hope you all have a wonderful day! C has got her annual piano recital, J has a friend around and M and I plan to do some gardening today ... the joys of summer!

  2. Herlige hagebilder!
    Foccacia-brød hørtes deilig ut!
    Her blir det hjemmebakt pizza til kvelden:)
    God helg!
    Klem, Lene

  3. Hæres kjempekos ut!
    Vi hadde også foccacia-brød idag og hele langpanna ble spist opp.. Deilig :)

    Gleder meg til å høre mer om kvelden :)

    Nyt en deilig søndag!


  4. Så bra brødet ble godt!!! Jeg må prøve den selv en dag - min focaccia har aldri blitt så godt som Edel's!!

    Ha en deilig søndag!!