Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Key is Planning!

"The Ladies Who Dine" 
are going out for dinner tonight!
It is our first outing this fall and we are also (very) belatedly celebrating my dear Welsh friend's August birthday!
(Silly of her to have her birthday when everybody is on holiday, really! ;-))) 

I am so looking forward to it as they are all great company! Excellent opportunity to bring out the gladrags and dress up a bit!

Going out for a meal can be a real challenge for somebody on a diet (yes, I have now lost 9 pounds - aaalmost half way to my target this fall!), but the key to success is planning:

We have yet again booked a table at Cafe Rouge as we enjoyed it so much last time we went. 
I have therefore had a look at their menue online to prepare for the evenings extravaganza. The food is not really the challenge as they have great selection, but the drinks might be a bit trickier... Pre-planning therefore means I will be extra good today so I can enjoy my glass of "bubbly" with a clear conscience
- besides my next weigh-in is not for another week so plenty of time to make up for it...

Three of us will be on our bikes, so I think it will limit itself to how much we can drink - just have to remember to bring the bike lights - it is getting dark in the evenings now!


Btw - the day has started better than expected: A visiting professor who is leaving today invited the girls in the office to help him finish off a bottle of Champagne at the usual 11 c'clock coffee...
Me like ;-)


  1. Så hyggelig å gå ut å spise, deilig å slippe å lage maten selv av og til...*smiler*..
    Ha en fin dag,
    klem :O)

  2. Har bare en ting å si, jeg - NYT DET!!!

  3. Have a great evening (and enjoy your champagne earlier too!) – give all my best and many warm felicitations to the ladies ... xx

  4. Hi Mette! My husband and I had lunch at Cafe Rouge while we were in London...well actually we ate at the one in Reigate when we ventured over that way. Have fun!!

    Cheers ~

    :) T

  5. Håper kvelden svarer til forventningene. Kos deg masse...