Friday, 7 January 2011

Get Organised Tip: Cards for All Occasions

Sending cards
is a tradition I have gladly embraced from my adopted country
(even if I sometimes forget):
Brits tend to be very good in sending cards for birthdays, holidays, thank-you-cards and of course, Christmas. I think it is a shame that many people have stopped sending cards but I guess many use other ways of communicating like sending texts via mobile phones/Facebook/Twitter/email etc etc., but it really isn't the same, I think. I love getting cards in the mail myself and that little extra effort means a lot to me.

When Our Boy was younger and used to go to birthday parties "every-other-week", there would be a wild panic in the morning when we found the invitation at the bottom of his bag and neither cards nor presents had been prepared. I therefore got myself this box, and filled it with cards for different occasions - clearly organised as you can see (as well as a box where I kept suitable reserve gifts).

This box has been a "life saver" many times and I enjoy being on the lookout for nice new cards. I try to go through my birthday card list at the beginning of each month and prepare them in advance.
Of course, I could have been a bit more industrious and made my own cards, but to be honest - I have realised I only have 24 hrs in the day... I would actually like to make cards, (I enjoy following some card making blogs ) but I simply don't have the time... 
Perhaps a new hobby 'next year'?

Come to think of it - I haven't prepared this month's cards and there is a birthday in Canada end of next week I shouldn't miss...!!!



  1. Jeg lager jo kort sjøl og har heldigvis ofte noen liggende, men det hender seg at ting kommer litt brått på. Siden "alle" vet at jeg lager kort, er det et visst press på meg også :) Slipper heldigvis overraskende barnebursdager :)

  2. I'm impressed, Mette! I always thought you were super organized, but now I know it's true! I, by contrast, have an IKEA-esque vertical multi-drawered unit into which I shove a random assortment of cards ... but other than by memory, I have no idea what's in there at any time! Needless to say, this can be a problem when I belatedly remember (for instance) one of M's many cousins' birthdays ... :o\
    Hope the new year is going well!

  3. Wow!
    Imponert ja!
    Eg e dessverre ikkje flinke te å senda kort lenger, men det burde eh jo bli flinkare te, for det e som du seie uhyre kjekt å få :o)

    Skikkelig god helg te deg og dine!

  4. Ja, vi sender alt for få kort per post. Det er jo noe helt annet enn å så en sms.
    Jeg kjøper gjerne en bunke med enkle kort så jeg skal ha klart til bursdager, veldig kjekt.

    Det er greit med alt som er klart og du har tydeligvis alt på stell som forbereder hver måneds bursdager. ☺