Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Shopping tips

For those of you either living in England or thinking of coming over for a visit or to SHOP I would recommend coming a little away from the regular High street stores and having a snoop around the second hand shops run by many charities or antique shops. I have made some great bargains in the antique shops - particularly a pair of silver candlesticks for £75 was a find!

I have often been thinking of visiting Bicester Village for some different type of retail therapy. It is just one hour from London, and apparently is a great destination for designer outlet shopping at desirable prices. Maybe I should save this trip for when one of my girl friends from Norway come for a visit....(hint)?

Another fun place to browse around is  Home Sense. This chain of shops which sells an amazing array of home furnishings at about 60% discount of regular prices does not keep a regular stock of set ranges, but bring in new things several times a week. It means that if you see something you like, you'd better buy it as it might not be there next time. It also means that you can't really go there looking for something particular, but rather have an open mind and you might come across something exciting!

The last shop I would like to mention is The White Company. I loooove going into their stores. Everything is so elegant and serene. I am looking forward to buying new bedsheets there for the new flat in Edinburgh... You can also order from them online.

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