Thursday 17 June 2010

Photo fun

I have been playing some more with Photoscape and as The Cat is my closest object he has to put up with being my model.  
He is a real mummy's boy and extremely cuddly. He would gladly spend all his time on the space on the desk (don't tell the Professor) between my arms with his head on my right arm...
Not the easiest way to type or use the mouse.
At least he has stopped trying to catch the letters on the screen ;-)
If you are interested in Photoscape there are several tutorials on YouTube

Summer seems to finally be coming even if there is still a bit of a chill in the air. I am hoping for a peaceful evening in the garden under my new lanterns.
The Cat will probably join me...


  1. The Cat is a bit of a star! You may have to lay a red carpet down the garden for him...

  2. Don't give him any ideas... ;-)

    He had me up twice last night - first time shortly after midnight because I could hear him fighting and second time an hour later after he had been fed and had a snooze... sigh... :-)

  3. Helt nydelig - og kul redigering! God helg!:) Klem Heidi