Thursday, 6 May 2010

Calm Again

I am pleased to say I am calm again. I have found the "inner peace" once more and yesterday's traumas are a mere distant memory ;-)

This was greatly helped by having dinner last night with
The Ladies Who Dine
at the local French restaurant Cafe Rouge.
Lovely food, lovely wine, lovely company.
Mulling over the day's events with good friends is the best way of putting the world to rights, don't you think?

Also glad the slightly wobbly bike ride home in the dark was uneventful...


  1. Det er godt du har funnet roen igjen:-) Hørtes ut som en herlig kveld.

    Utrolig irriterende med den sofaen. Håper dere finner en ny en snart - som de har på lager:-)
    Lykke til!


  2. Så koselig at du vil være med på give awayen inne hos meg! :)


  3. Sounds lovely! I hope we'll have a chance to reconvene a meeting when I'm over this summer ...
    Have the two issues been resolved?

  4. I got an engineer on the phone today instead of the usual customer service people and after a lot of fiddling and readjusting I got it working!

    The furniture giant have picked up the unusable sofa. Although they apparently complained a lot because the sofa had been unpacked... Exactly how they would expect us to find out it was incomplete without unpacking is a mystery to me ;-)

    So new sofa hunting is on the agenda!

    Ladies Who Dine are planning our usual London outing this summer. Hope it coincides with your stay!

  5. Godt at det finnes aktiviteter som kan roe tynnslitte nerver :-)

  6. Så koselig at du vil være med på gi-vekken min. Godt at du har funnet sinnsroen igjen- ikea er ikke bare bare;) Vi hadde en nabo som bestilte kjøkken derfra- og han var rimelig frustrert- det manglet alltid noe;)
    Ønsker deg ei fin helg!