Friday, 7 May 2010

Good Times

I can't believe it is the weekend again, but I am not complaining!
It probably feels a little like a cheat because Monday was a Bank Holiday... ;-)

The Professor is expected home for the weekend! 
Our Boy and I are looking forward to enjoying his company two weekends in a row (luxery!)
as he is down south in connection with a trip to Madrid for a lecture series he is giving next week. Joy!
Just wish I could have been the "tag-along-spouse" on his trip to Madrid...

I am happy we have adjusted to this change in our lives with The Professor being away most of the time. We have just learned to appreciate the time we have together.
Quality instead of quantity, I guess.

The picture above is from last weekend when we had guests from Norway.
We love walking in the English countryside! Not quite the Norwegian woods, but still very enjoyable.
Talking about things Norwegian...,
I guess it is obvious which fairytale these chaps we met last weekend are illustrating...:

Happy Weekend!


  1. For meg som bor blant gårder, jorder og steingjærder på flate Jæren er den engelske countryside både vakker og familiær.... har aldri vært der, bare sett på bilder og tv... og dine bilder er praktfulle. Håper dere får en fantastisk familiehelg..

  2. Dette var hjertebankbilder...grønne enger, sauer, steingjerder! vakkert, vakkert!

    kos deg!