Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Not a Happy Bunny....

Warning: I need to have a rant!
I have two issues these days that is driving me crazy:

1. The first relates to a particular Swedish furniture company which I have previously glorified.
 They do not deserve this anymore.
We had ordered a sofabed for the flat in Edinburgh.
This took 3 weeks to deliver.
We waited patiently.
The sofa arrived and
The Professor attempted to put it together.
Now, I am the practical person in this relationship and the wizz at putting flatpacked furniture together
(if I may say so myself...).
The Professor is the theorist and drives me mad LOOKING at the pieces while trying to figure out how to put it together.
Now, I was obviously not there and he was left to do this himself, bless him.
He called me rather upset saying the sofa has two left arms and no right arm...
I told him he was being silly and
he then sent me a picture from his phone clearly showing two identical arms... (technology, eh?)

Upon calling and complaining the unnamed Swedish furniture company it has taken them 1 week to come up with the following solution:
we will have to order a NEW sofa (another 3 weeks to wait) as they could NOT just send another arm... However, they are not willing to take the incomplete, unusable sofa back - that will be up to us to do as we "please" with... My question is, surely there must be somebody out there stuck with two right arms for THEIR sofa???

We have reached the end of our patience and
you might have guessed that the sofa is going back and we are cancelling the order!
Back to square one in finding another sofa we can agree on...

2. My second rant is about a domestic internet provider
(which also is part of a larger airline and credit card  company).
I am trying to get internet installed in a flat owned by my employer and this seems to be taking AGES (at least weeks!) and something which should be simple is proving to be very testing and complicated.
I am fed up calling the company, pressing one button after another in order to be able to speak with a LIVE person. 
I feel for the poor tenants in the flat having me running in and out with one engineer after the other to try to sort it out.

I am not a happy bunny but feel better for having had it all out now... ;-)

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  1. Oh no! Although we haven't had problems with the flatpack giant of your first rant (because frankly it's financially dangerous to let me loose in the shop), but I have had untold problems with the other unnamed company. In fact it was so bad that they had to back off because we "videoed" the telephone call I had with one of the supervisors. (J just took a video of the telephone.) When I threatened to post the video to YouTube, things started to happen. But, all I got out of it was having the erroneous bill forgiven and an apology! The least I would have expected was a free year's subscription! (I have to work on my extortion techniques ...)
    Anyhow, good luck!