Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Half full or half empty...?

It is unreal to think we are midway through the summer now... Although we are having a dream weather today,
there hasn't been too many of them. 
(not forgetting that yes, England won the match today...;-))
I hope with all my heart we will see more days like today this summer!

This morning I saw this lovely, lonely poppy blooming in a very neglected (!) flowerbed. It was the only poppy among other flowers - a lone traveller, I guess. I wanted to take a picture of it, but didn't have time on our way to work and school.
However, when I got home this is all that was left! Don't know if it has been intentionally beheaded or if this is nature's way...

But not to despair
- there are more buds so hopefully more chances to take a picture of it in bloom.

I think I choose to be a 'half-full -person'...


  1. I do so totally agree!
    Half full -definitivt! Det ligger så mye mere positivitet i det :)

    Nydelig å kunne observere naturens underfundighet..

    Og for en herlig gårsdag for deg. GRATULERER med supert resultat både for deg og sønnen! Er så deilig når alt bare klaffer!

    Nyt kvelden!

    Klem fra Tove

  2. Gratulerer så mye med gårsdagens flotte resultater! Bra jobbet!
    Jeg går for "half full" jeg og:-)

    Stor klem

  3. Otroligt vackra foton av vallmon! Rena vykorten! ;-D

    Tack för alla snälla kommentarer hos mig och hoppas att du får en fin 'midsommar'helg!

    Kram, Helena, The Swenglish Home