Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Music and Electricity!

Once a week Our Boy takes guitar lessons from Dr Bass (who incidentially is also a part time actor - he plays one of the wizards in the upcoming Harry Potter film! - That is our claim to fame today ;-).)
This operation involves me taking Our Boy to the lesson and often sitting in Dr Bass' garden listening to them playing.
It is most enjoyable, both the listening part and the garden.
Last week this enormous hyacinth caught my eye and I had to take a picture with my mobile. Lovely!

We are enjoying some very hot days and nights right now. Last night was a strange night. I went for a walk with my Welsh friend in the early evening (including a pitstop for a Pimms...;-)). When we returned home we were welcomed to the sounds of some neighbours having a really good jamming session in the garden. They played really well and it was a joy to hear! They carried on almost till midnight, but it was in no way annoying.
However, when they finnished it was as if the air could not settle. It was very humid and it was as if there was a lot of "electricity" in the air. Even The Cat was uneasy.
We all found it hard to relax and fall sleep. Good thing I don't need as much sleep in the summer as in the winter, cause I think it was closer to 2 am before I dosed off and 6.30 am I was up again...

Might have a snooze in Dr Bass' garden this afternoon, I think... ;-)


  1. Sounds really great - you have a good nap :o)

  2. Åh ja, en av mina favoritblommor, det där, så vila du ögonen på den och sov så sött... ;-D

    Så trevligt med din sons fina ord på och från skolan, och ett book token på 20 pund är ju inte fel! ;-D

    Önskar dig en trevlig fortsatt vecka!