Saturday, 3 July 2010

Fortunate mistake

Last night I had intended to make the Greek dish Spanakopita for dinner. I got this recipe years ago from my good friend in Canada (I will share it some other time) and we absolutely loooove it! It is a great vegetarian dish.

But nothing went to plan:

Firstly, I had no spinach neither in the fridge nor in the freezer, only a packet of green beans....

Secondly, I had by mistake defrosted a packet of puff pastry instead of filo pastry...

Thirdly, I only had one egg in the house...

With a hungry boy lurking around, there was no time to loose so I was forced to think quickly and be inventive:
(The Professor claims I am the Queen of super quick healthy dinners. I say you have no choice when you have hungry kids around your "feet")

  • I mixed a tub of cottage cheese with a good slice of feta cheese and the one egg.

  • I took half of the puff pastry and put in the bottom of a fireproof dish,

  • added the green beans, the cheese/egg mixture and some salt/pepper

  • before I put the rest of the puff pastry on top as a "lid".

  • It all went in the oven on 200 degrees for about 30 mins.
It wasn't Spinakopita, but something similar and very nice!


  1. Imponerende! Jeg hadde nok bestilt pizza:-)

    Ha en fin dag!


  2. Sounds gorgeous! Would you like to come and live in my kitchen...?
    (although that may be a challenge too far for even the most inventive cook)

  3. Hei Mette! I går var jeg samen med Elisabeth skulle hilse masse til deg! Hun viste ikke at du bodde i England vet du. Har begynt ferie nå vi 2 uker, men i dag er det ikke sol... så derfor pc. Øystein sitter ved siden av meg med sin på fanget... greit sånn. Ha det supert Mette!

  4. A wonderfully creative version of a classic dish! I'll have to try it when we're able to use (or have any intention of using) the oven again!