Sunday, 4 July 2010

Summer Party

Last night was the annual summer party for my office.
True to tradition those who wanted started at 5 pm going punting.
I am ashamed to say that after almost 11 years in this city I have never punted myself. I have been punting maaaany times, but never had to do the deed myself... ;-)
We all felt it was hight time Our Boy learnt "the noble art"!
Our Australian friend taught him and Our Boy took to it right away and did a GREAT job.
Mission acomplished - still no need for me to learn the art of punting... hehehee...;-)

The second part of this summer party tradition is the BBQ in the director's garden. The director is the president of one of the old colleges and we are fortunate to be able to use the garden in the President's Lodge for our party.

The food was lovely,
but the real winner for me was a very simple and delicious

Mango Salad:

Chop very finely a mango with some red onion, coriander and the juice of a lime. Add sweet red chili sauce to the mix.
It is great with any BBQ meat


  1. Ser ut som en kjempekoselig firmafest i nyyyyydelige omgivelser og temperatur.

    God søndagskveld.

    Det blit tidlig i seng på hotellet i kveld for min del. Opp 04.30 i går, 03.10 i dag og 04.30 i morgen.

  2. Så koselig det så ut! En perfekt sommerfest:-)