Sunday 10 November 2013

Embarrassing Moment and Knitted iPhone Cover

I managed to make the same mistake as many others apparently have done - I dropped my phone in water... It all happened as as I was walking around the house looking for my iPhone and gave up as I needed to use the bathroom... Why did I not simply call the phone to hear it ringing...? Sigh...

Need I say more? The phone was in my back pocket...

Ok, so I found the phone, but chucking it in a bag of rice to revive didn't work so a new phone has been ordered and in the meantime I am using the simplest version possible of a mobile phone. For somebody who has become used to organising my life via the various apps on the phone, not to mention the calendar, this has been painful! No internet, no usable calendar, no emails... Actually, it is rather peaceful...!

But the new phone is on its way. I wanted to use up some left over yarn and knitted an iPhone cover (pattern taken from the book Knit Nordic). Quick and easy even if I managed to miss a round (yup, you can see it in the pattern if you look closely) but since I think it will be too small for the iPhone - it fits perfectly the current simple phone- I couldn't be bothered undoing it. But I will make a new one for the new phone. I realise the knitted texture makes it much easier to find the phone in my handbag!

Have you had any 'phone related' incidences...?

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  1. Sånn kan det gå!! Fint cover!! Anne Kari:-)

  2. Uff..leit med iPhoneen. Jeg så faktisk et innslag på NRK lokal-tv Sørlandet for et par år siden der de gikk på et kjøpesenter og intervjuet tilfeldige mennesker ang. det å miste telefonen i do. Og det var overraskende mange som hadde opplevd akkurat det. Godt du har en ny på vei og det meste av info ligger vel lagret i iCloud eller noe sånt så du bare kan hente det frem igjen.