Tuesday 5 November 2013

Still Hanging in There!

Oh, yes, I am still here!
I have neither found the right time nor inspiration for the blog, but I hope that will return!
I have gone back to work, and after my summer ordeal that felt ok. Not great, but ok. I am still on a phased return but aiming to start full time again next week. I think that will be ok, too. Sometimes you have to push yourself to move forward. One good thing that has come out of my illness is that I  started working out. Since July I have been going to the gym every other day and I really LOVE it. Who would have thought.... It has become a habit and I feel so much better for it. I just hope I can keep it up when I start working full time...!

Time flies and beautiful autumn days are here. The heating goes on regularly in the afternoons, the Cat refuses to step outside for days on end (he is getting lazier by the year) and The Professor reported frost on the ground up north in Durham where he is.

Last week was half term and Halloween and tonight is Bonfire Night. I wrote about Bonfire Night last year, so you can read about that here, if you want. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. It is just one form of celebration after the other!

Another thing to mention is that Our Boy has also sent off his University application for studying next year. So fingers (and toes and anything else!) crossed he is accepted to the course he wants at the University he wants! I am just finding it hard to understand that he is soon off to University... Seriously, where have the years gone???

These pictures are from Sunday when I managed to lure Our Boy (I guess I should start calling him Our Young Man ...) with me for a walk on Sunday with the promise of having lunch at a noodle bar. Their noodles in hot, steamy and  broth, like their Tom Kha Gai is just what you need on a blustery day. The soup was bursting with flavoursome broth enhanced with coconut milk, chicken, pork, seafood, mushrooms and various vegetables and vermicelli noodles. The portions are enormous so the leftovers were brought home and served as a starter for dinner.
No wonder this is a popular place with students!

So, time I had a 'wander' around Bloglandia and see what other bloggers are up to! Maybe time to start thinking of Christmas, too! That reminds me - I MUST get the amaryllis bulbs planted if I am to have any chance of it blooming for Christmas! Last year's didn't bloom until end of April...! I think I might be late already...

Have you got yours planted...?



  1. Jeg tenker ikke på jul helt enda, men derimot på mitt første barnebarn, som er på termin om et par uker, så nå kan hun melde sin ankomst når som helst. Du lurer på hvor tiden er blitt av og det gjør jammen jeg også. Jeg skal bli mormor..hjelpe meg. X fingrene for at din sønn får ønsket sitt oppfylt. Da er alt så mye enklere. Min datter hadde en kjempefin tur til Iran i sommer og i frebruar drar hun til St.Petersburg for et 3 måneders studie. Og ja, barna er voksne før man vet ordet av det!

  2. Koselig at du er tilbake! Amaryllis pleier jeg å kjøpe ca. 1. desember, da blomstrer den til jul og langt utover nyåret. Så jeg har is i magen og venter :)
    Snart er det vel is ute også... pluss en grad her i dag. Vinteren kommer sies det....
    Ha en flott onsdag og klem fra meg!