Wednesday 13 November 2013

Not so Much of a 'Comic'? Night Out...

Back in the spring I won a couple of ticket in a raffle to see the American comedian Reginald D. Hunter. Last Sunday Our Young Man accompanied me and we made a night of it and went out for a nice meal at Carluccio's first.
We had seen Mr. Hunter on TV many times, but I was a little disappointed in his performance on Sunday. His humour can be rather crude and he sometimes addresses a lot of very controversial issues, but although there were the occasional giggle, I never really felt like there was much scope for a real hearty 'belly laugh'. Nah, to give him the benefit of the doubt - I just don't think he was 'on form' that night.

His warm up guy - Canadian born Pete Johansson - on the other hand was much funnier and his arguments for why we should re-introduce bears...(!) to the UK were simply funny!
But having said this - it takes real guts (and talent) to get up and stand in front of an audience and try to make them laugh. Not something I would have wanted to do for a living!


  1. Der er vi heldigvis forskjellige alle. Jeg er ikke morsom om jeg prøver å fortelle en god vits engang, men jeg gjør meg godt som publikum. Alle entertainere trenger et publikum. Uten dem er de ikke liv laga.

  2. Hei! Så fin blogg du har:-) Artig å lese om andre nordmenn i utlendinghet ( og på engelsk:-)) - vi bor i India:-)