Sunday, 30 May 2010


The flowers are blooming in Norway, too! I brought the flowerpot from England 
I am back after 48 intense hours in Norway with mamma. I managed to arrive earlier on Thursday evening (Ryanair was 30 mins EARLY!) so I went straight to see her at 10 pm. She didn't expect me till the next morning, so it was lovely to see how happy she became. Friday was filled with x-ray appointment and doctor's visit. We will see what it leads to, but we are considering going down the private route as we get the impression the public health service isn't too keen on helping an old lady.

Saturday mum and I went in the beautiful weather for a drive to Sweden and had a nose around the shops in Svinesund/Nordby. No matter how poorly she is, the shops still have their attraction! ;-)
 The view from Mamma's room at 8 pm. She has the sun all morning and day and can see the entire town from her room.

My flight back last night was 50 minutes early... The sceptic in me thinks Ryanair intentionally estimates a longer journey than necessary so they can say "Another Ryanair flight has landed on time". But I am not complaining - they are cheap (although not always cheerful) and fills my needs as long as you have learned to play their game.

Funny world -
I was delighted to meet again on the way over an English lady I met some months ago on the same flight. She lives in Norway, but goes over regularly to see her elderly mother in England - exactly the reverse of me.
There is some comfort in realising that our family's situation is in no way unique.


  1. Det var litt av en svipptur, men alltid kjekt å komme hjem til mor:-)
    Håper virkelig din mor får den hjelpen hun trenger. Frustrerende når helsevesenet ikke fungerer som det skal.

    Nydelige blomsterbilder!


  2. Tusen takk for koselig melding på bloggen min, like koselig hver gang. Ja, håper virkelig moren din får den beste hjelp. Kjenner meg igjen i det du skrev hos meg om at tenåringen vil ha større rom. Her hadde vi pusset opp det nydelige soverommet til oss selv, men det fikk vi ikke beholde lenge før dattra bare krevde at hn skulle ha det. Ellers skulle hun flytte til bestemor......haha. Ønsker deg en fin uke Mette.