Saturday, 22 May 2010

My Town

We are fortunate to live within 10 mins bikeride to town and on a gorgeous day like today that is pure joy!

 Just to prove we have completely blue skies today! ;-)

Happyness from the market...

I love walking around looking at the old historical buildings. The details around some of the old doors are fascinating.

Yep, punting is a favourite past time among locals and tourists. However, the locals tend to go in the opposite direction of the old colleges and into the countryside...

 The river was busy today....!

Back home in the garden - our pride and JOY!


  1. Looks lovely ... we, by contrast, have rain this weekend ... with the heat, it promises to be a steamy few days ...
    Can't wait to see you all again soon!

  2. Det er en så trivelig blogg du har, kjempekjekk å følge med på...

    Ha en fin pinsehelg...

  3. Deilig med sol og varme! Tenk at det snart er sommer:-) Herlig!

    Bildene dine er nydelige - som alltid:-)
    Godt å være ferdig med oppgaven, eller??

    Ha en fin pinse!


  4. Nydelige bilder med en helt herlig stemning! Du har fanget opp stemningen på en fotreffelig måte i bildene dine :)

    Markedet med blomster ser helt herlig ut.. Der hadde jeg kost meg glugg ihjel og handlet stort. Elsker friske blomster!

    Ha en nydelig morgendag!

    Klem fra Tove