Friday, 4 March 2011

Wonderful Weekend Anticipation

picture borrowed from the Internet
I don't know what happened to this week!
It has just flown by.
Being busy has that effect, I guess.

The week has as usual been filled with
  • work (but funnily enough I don't feel I have much to show for it, though...),
  • a day long conference on employment law,
  • a quick drink with the girls one night,
  • taking Our Boy to his guitar class,
  • lovely lunch with a friend
  • yoga class in the evening,
  • some work meetings
  • many phone calls,
  • cooking dinners,
  • some cleaning,
  • some laundry,
  • some tv,
  • reading 
  • and so on...
In short - LIFE

But it has been really chilly even though it looks like spring.
The picture above is from the area behind the colleges called 'The Backs' and it looks exactly like this now as the crocuses are all in bloom.

I hope the weekend will give some time for taking some pictures and catching some rays of sunshine.

According to the app on my new phone (!) it is going to be sunny on Sunday!
I hope you have some sunshine, too.
Wherever you are!



  1. Så nydelig bilde!
    Her ligger det hauger av snø...lurer litt på når vi får se hvitveis..det føles veldig lenge til akurat nå med all den snøen...
    God helg,
    klem Fredrikke

  2. Herlig betraktning - det er jo akkurat slik livet er ja.. Fylt opp av små og store gjøremål, full fart, hektiske hverdager og kos innimellom :)

    Ønsker deg en flott helg!

    Klem fra Tove