Friday, 11 March 2011

New Year and Excitement!

Not much more till the ...
Nowruz celebration!
In short, Nowruz, new day or New Year as the Iranians call it, is a celebration of spring Equinox.
It is the most cherished of all the Iranian festivals and is celebrated by all.

This year it is at 11.21 pm (UK time) Sunday 20 March.

I wrote more extensively about the Nowruz celebration last year, so you can read about it here if you would like to know more.
Like many festivals around the world it is about being together -  friends/family and enjoying good food and looking forward to the new year.
And like many other celebrations it is also about cleaning the house in anticipation of the new year and buying new clothes


And almost in a Nowruz spirit of receiving visitors,
we are expecting dear friends from Norway this weekend!

So excited!!!



  1. Høres ut som en spennende festival, Mette! Høres ut som noe egentlig alle burde feire, spør du meg.

    Så koselig med besøk fra Norge da. Kos dere masse og ha en flott helg!


  2. Hørres kjekt ut!
    Håpe du har hatt ei så fin feiring som det går an :o)