Friday, 8 June 2012

Tried and Tested: Jubilee Cheesecake

For the Jubilee Weekend the original plan was to have a pot-luck lunch on Sunday with the neighbours in the common garden, but the weather was rather uncooperative so we all went in to one of the larger flats in the old house. 

It turned out to be a very nice and social gathering while watching the Queen and family on the flotilla down The Thames.

Well done, Mrs. Queen!
Not sure why they all turned their backs to the camera...
I had been asked to bring cakes so I made cupcakes, brownies and a cheese cake. I made the cupcakes with a white chocolate topping which went down rather well and experimented with making some simple new decorations.

I know I have been putting a lot of cake recipes on the blog lately, but as the blog serves as a new way of storing all those magazine clippings and jotted down recipes I have in a big folder, you will have to bear with me.

The cakes were all well received at the party, but the cheese cake was the definite winner.
Combine 300 grams of crushed Oreo cookies with

150 grams of melted butter
Add this to a lined baking tin and
put it in the fridge while you mix

 300-350 grams of Philadelphia cream cheese
2 eggs
1 tsp of vanilla sugar
0.5 dl sugar
Pour the mixture over the chilled base and bake for 15 mins at about 175 degrees.

In the meantime, mix
2.5 dl sourcream
1 tsp of vanilasugar
1 tbsp of sugar

Take the cake out of the oven and pour the sourcream mixture over. Return to the oven and bake for another 10 mins. until the top is firm


  1. Vi fulgte også Themsen-turen på BBC hele dagen. Kjempekoselig!! Men vi hadde ikke selskap og kunne glede oss sammen med andre over et deilig matbord sånn som dere.
    God helg til deg og dine.

  2. Så fristende kake bidrag du hadde med til nabo'n - yummi !! Heldige dem.

    Jeg satt vel sist helg å se den mest spektakulære konserten jeg har sett på tv, ever, foran Buckingham Palace, storslagent !

    Skal si jeg koste meg :)

    God helg i England

  3. God helg til deg og dine.... Jeg har ikke mye tid her i London denne gangen, blir hentet på hotellet kl 11.15 så det blir nok bare å løpe for å kjøpe med litt instant coffee, columbian roast, fra Starbuks...Mannens favoritt!

  4. Fristende kaker........ God helg!! AnneK:-)

  5. Mmmmmm... Mange fristelser der ja!
    Håper helgen er, og har vært SUPER! =]