Thursday, 28 June 2012

Making The Most Of Summer!

Amazingly enough, The Professor is home for a few days and as Our Boy is still in Sweden, we are making the most of the days alone. Although, I am still working we manage to steal some quality time meeting up for lunch on a very hot and humid day.

Our preferred lunch at our favourite pub "The Eagle" is almost always a Greek Salad . The pub dates back to the 14th century and is famous for the Raf ceiling which boasts signatures of Raf pilots from all over the world who returned from the Second World War and signed their names on the ceiling using only cigarette lighters, candle smoke and lip stick. The pub is also where Watson and Crick announced to the world they had discovered "the secret of life" (DNA).
The place was packed, so we shared the table with a very nice Australian couple who just happened to stumble across the place and had no idea it is the town's most famous pub.
The Eagle's Greek salad is so simple but comes with the most generous helping of olives and feta cheese,
- just what you need on a hot, sticky day.


  1. Hei..)

    så jammen godt ut...fikk jeg lyst på..)
    i dag er det fiskesuppe og svenske sjøkreps
    på menyen:.) ikke gæli det heller..))

    Kos deg videre i sommer..))