Tuesday, 19 June 2012

May Events... in June

Last night was the May Concert in St. John's College. The end of year events used to take place in May, but now they are always in June. It is still called May-week... 

The May Ball is the traditional end of year BIG party in the colleges. Each college has their own night and whilst Trinity's party was on next door, St. John's was also getting ready whilst our concert event took place for their party which is tonight.

What a great evening we had!
Lovely music in the Chapel and then gorgeous canapes and drinks outside. The weather had decided to be on our side and it was a lovely summers evening.

I have started using Instagram and kept taking pictures and putting up as the evening progressed.

Bridge of Sighs

And as we always do, at the end we piled out to the lawn, passing the Bridge of Sighs to see the fireworks from Trinity College.


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  1. Jeg har så dårlig nett på hytta så jeg får ikke opp alle bildene, men det høres i alle fall ut som en nydelig kveld. Jeg har også akkurat tatt i bruk Instagram, men har ikke lært meg så mye av det enda. Om du vil se bildene mine er jeg der også frutunheim....

    Ha en nydelig kveld. Vi er på hytta og her er det sommer. Den skal vare til fredag.